Bono's first Christmas at home

Bono lost his battle with CKD

It is with a heavy heart that we confirm the passing of our gorgeous senior rescue Bono.

When Bono was diagnosed FIV+ and CKD stage 4 in June 2017, we knew it was going to be a very challenging situation but we were determined to fight for his life with all we had. With a special diet and some medicines we managed to give him a very good quality of life for almost 9 months since he was diagnosed but in spite of it all, the illness kept progressing, his kidneys collapsed and he crashed.

At noon, Bono was hospitalized with IV fluids. Severe ulcers were covering his entire mouth and tongue. Blood work values confirmed we were actually facing Bono’s CKD final stage. After a couple of hours at the vet clinic hanging on to hope, we had to make the hardest decision ever.

He crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at around 2.30 pm. Paul and I were by his side as he took his final breath.

Bono was not only gorgeous looking, he was humble, undemanding and kind. Despite the fact that he had been abandoned, neglected and abused when we showed him some love he soon managed to overcome his fears and blessed us with deep gratitude and so much love in return.

Rest in peace gorgeous Bono, you have branded our hearts forever more.

Bono’s ashes will be kept at the Sanctuary next to Tommy, Minnie, Jasmine and Charlie.