Cappuccino, you have been loved.

Cappuccino – Rescued in July 2013. Abandoned. Approx. 10 years old. FIV/FeLV + Injured. Rescued in very bad shape. Ocular cancer (left eye) Had to be PTS.

Cappuccino could only be seen after midnight, could only be seen after midnight, limping on 3 legs, eating leftovers from garbage bins. He was presumably abandoned for he was rather docile, but nobody in the neighborhood knew when or how this beautiful boy ended up on the streets.

Although we spotted him for two nights in a row, and got really close, it wasn’t until the third night that we could finally catch him. It was a bit after midnight, he was very suspicious of the whole situation but after patiently waiting for about 20 minutes or so… he finally crawled out from under a car. It felt almost as he had decided to surrender to us.

We slowly approached him and got him into a carrier. At first, he obviously didn’t really like the carrier much at all but then he was in so much pain he finally gave in. He didn’t make a sound on the way home, he was calm and quiet… We’d talk to him to comfort him and he’d look at us with eyes full of love and thankfulness. Although he was in really bad shape, we really hoped we could save him.

First thing in the morning we took him to the vet clinic. He tested FeLV/FIV positive which made things even worse. The vet confirmed Cappuccino was a Senior cat and in a lot of pain. He had lost his right front paw almost completely and he had just a few teeth left, which did not let him eat properly, he was extremely thin. He also had a tumor in his left eye…

Sadly, the vet told us what we did not want to hear; there was nothing left we could do.

At that point, we could only help him end his suffering, and allow him to die with dignity. We were by his side until the very end with tears running down our faces. It was a tough decision and it was devastating for us for he was the first rescue we ever had to PTS.  In spite of our sadness, we know he’s in a better place now and that those days of pain and agony are gone forever. You can rest in peace now sweet Cappuccino. Even though we had you for a few hours, you crossed the Rainbow Bridge knowing you had been loved ♥.