Félix – Rescued in  December 2012 

Felix at 3 years old. Abandoned. Extremely thin and depressed.

  • Felix at the vet, on the night he was rescued.
    Felix at the vet, on the night he was rescued.

After feeding him out on the streets for a few months, last Thursday, Dec. 20th, we rescued Felix at last! Every time we went there to feed him, he didn’t even want to eat… he’d just come to us to cuddle and just BE there with us.

Soon enough we realized he was not just another hungry stray/feral… but he had most probably been abandoned (or lost!) as he was very depressed and lonely out there on his own. He would walk slowly, and his eyes reflected profound sadness… at first, we thought he was a senior…10 years old or probably more! (according to the vet he’s only 3!!) After leaving food and water for all the cats in the area, as we drove off we could see all the other cats eating while Felix would stand there lookin’ at us, feeling disappointed for being left behind! His big eyes were SCREAMING for LOVE and it simply broke our hearts every single time we had to say goodbye. Last week we finally decided to take him home!…

As we took him to the vet for FeLV/FIV testing and neutering, our vet confirmed Felix was very thin, weak and exhausted. He tested negative for FeLV/FIV. Right after surgery, he started eating well and drinking water regularly. The first night he spent at home he slept in his warm cozy blanket and he would NOT stop purring for hours and hours and then purr purr purr some more!! The street nightmare was over for Felix as he had finally found his way HOME! ♥

UPDATE March 2013

On March 9th, 2013, Félix was adopted by mom Vanessa and her wonderful family. It’s been 6 months and Félix’s new family loves him to bits! He’s now one spoiled rotten kitty … and he surely deserves it!