Feral cat caregivers: Invisible heros

Paul, co-founder of Project ‘Change One Life’ Cat rescue & Sanctuary , would like to share with us his experience as a caregiver and what it means to commit oneself to relieving the suffering of homeless cats by feeding them and caring for them. Over the last 4 years, Paul has learned that caring for homeless animals is hard work which most of the time goes unnoticed and that sometimes mean people can make it even harder with insults, threats and other disturbing behaviours.

Paul says: “ The hardest part of what we do as caregivers reflects exactly the lack of true values of today’s society. I’ll give you an example that anyone can understand:

When I do my rounds to refill feral cat colony feeding stations with food and water, I have to ‘work undercover’. Not just because people would think I’m crazy or to avoid getting insulted ( I’m used to it by now!) but most of all, to be private and protective of the cats I care for. If feeding stations are spotted, they can become an easy target for mean people who would disrespectfully destroy everything by throwing away their food and water.

Note: Suzie was finally rescued in November 2017 and currently lives at the Sanctuary.

In that same area where I’m being ‘harrased’ for helping homeless animals, there’s is a factory well know for their ‘fishy business’ that produces tons of waste, litters the pavement and pollutes the environment; in spite of it all, the owner and his workers are admired and respected people. In fact, in the neighbourhood people think of them as role models, due to their financial status and what they represent.

In summary, spending your personal savings to feed homeless animals and volunteering to care for them without any kind of financial reward not only can get you insults, calumnies and trouble but you’ll also be forced to do it undercover. Instead, littering the streets, polluting the environment, and having some ‘fishy business’ will get you respect, admiration and total freedom to do it out in the open.

And this is the society in which we live. Needless to say anymore. ”

Paul also wanted to add: “ Before you watch this video, I want you to know that 95% of the cats who live in our Sanctuary is the result of all this hard work on the streets where day in and day out I witness injustice and endless suffering; the cruel fate of homeless animals.

Note: Charlie was finally rescued on November 11 2017. Sadly, he had to be put to sleep 24 hours later.

Last but not least, I’d like to say that the fact that you cannot do everything you want to do to help shouldn’t stop you from doing something about it. It might look to you as a drop in the ocean but every little bit you do can help change the world.

Over the last 4 years, my ‘drop in the ocean’ brought almost 3 tons of food and thousands of gallons of water to hundreds of homeless animals that would otherwise have starved to death or died of thirst.

Can you picture how much suffering ‘my little drop’ helped relieved? Don’t you think it was totally worth it?”

Countless feral and stray cats anxiously wait for Paul every day to get food and water to survive. Thanks to caregivers tireless work, homeless cats and kittens are less at risk and have greater chances of surviving the streets. If you want to help Paul in this labor of love, click here to sponsor one of the feral or stray cats he cares for.

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” My hope is that one day my words,  along with this video, can motivate somebody else to do the same so there will be more people out there fighting injustice and animal cruelty.”