Funds needed for Sanctuary rent have been raised!

Running our Cat Sanctuary

To operate the sanctuary, we need a continuing and reliable source of funding. More often than not, we find ourselves with a lot of empty mouths to feed and a well that’s gone dry. Our operating expenses are quite high and it’s never easy to make ends meet. The Sanctuary is run by only two people with a very limited income; we do all the cleaning and maintenance ourselves however there are living costs we struggle to cover, such as:

  • The cost to house and feed the cats
  • The cost to provide preventive care for the cats
  • The cost to provide medical care and medicines for the cats
  • Other miscellaneous costs such as cleaning products, laundry, vehicle, gasoline, etc.

No matter what you think it will cost to save an animal, it will always cost a lot more!

‘Change One Life’ Cat Rescue & Sanctuary relies on its supporters and their private donations to meet the operating costs of the sanctuary.  Regretfully, raising funds takes up a lot of time and energy that we don’t always have so we do not only need to rely on your kindness and generosity but also on your thoughtfulness.

The funds we get through our annual Operating Expenses Fundraiser  2019 ensure that our rescues never have to be homeless again.

Our Sponsor me! Program is the backbone of all our fundraising efforts. For only $5 usd a month you can help us feed and care for our rescues in the best possible way.

Our ‘Paw it Forward’ Program allows supporters to choose whether to donate small amounts to get our rescues some nice treats or more generous donations to get them medicines and prescription diet foods for those with special requirements due to their illness.

On our website, you’ll find many ways to give to our cause, please find the one that best suits your preferences and help us carry on!