Supplies already here!

First online order of supplies delivered!

Great news everyone! First online order of supplies ever made for our fur babies is already here. Lots of stuff for their amusement and comfort at last. Finally, comfy beds, cozy cat caves and soft blankets to spend the upcoming winter in the warmth of a loving home with all those privileges they lost when they were left behind.

We’d like to express our deepest gratitude to ALL of YOU who contributed to get yet another miracle done by supporting our New Cat Shelter Supplies fundraiser campaign.

Not long ago, they used to play with supermarket boxes, had a few old chairs they used as scratching poles and old towels to sleep on. Basically, the only thing they had was a roof over their heads and even that was jeopardized. Their future was uncertain but you answered our call out for help and YOU changed all of that.

You have changed their lives radically and thanks to YOU they now have a safe, warm and loving forever home with everything they need to be happy again.

Once again, thank you kindly for your support and generosity, but most of all thank you for the LOVE behind every donation made to make it possible.

Great job  everyone and work in progress!