Hope & TJ at the vet

Hope & TJ at the vet

This morning Hope had her first vet check-up and TJ was finally neutered. Everything went well.

TJ still looks a bit dizzy and puzzled but other than that he’s doing fine. Hope is about 3 years old and has no microchip; nobody is looking for her out there which sadly confirms the fact that she was heartlessly abandoned. Good news is she tested FeLV/FIV NEGATIVE! and according to the vet she looks in pretty good health.

She’ll be for a few more days in the starter room and then she’ll be joining Angel, Gigi, Salem and Oliver in Cat Room 2. Both TJ and Hope had a bit of a stressful morning so they were delighted to be back to their favourite napping spots.

Thanks to our loyal supporters, almost 60 % of the funds needed were raised to make this possible for TJ & Hope. Pitch in and help us meet the goal by making a kind donation today. Every little bit helps!

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