Helping Puffy – RIP 07/08/2015

LAST UPDATE July 8th, 2015

Over the last few weeks, Puffy had been treated with cortisone to ease her pain and allow her to breathe better during her final days. Sadly, over the last 48 hours, her condition deteriorated rapidly; it was time to let Puffy go. During Puffy’s final hours, Paul offered her family comfort and support by taking her to her vet and paying for the cost of all vet expenses until the very end. She’s been put to sleep today July 8th, 2015. She’s been surrounded by her loving family. Paul himself buried Puffy somewhere near her family’s home. Rest in Peace sweet Puffy, you can run free of pain at the Rainbow Bridge now.

Sofia’s family (the rescue we had spayed last month) came to us again asking for help, this time for their senior cat, Puffy (16).  Puffy was diagnosed mammary cancer a few years ago and at the time a few tumors were surgically removed however due to the fact that her family has a very limited income, they could not afford to keep up with treatment and  after some time Puffy started to show alarming signs again. Her abdomen is now full of ulcerations and she also has breathing difficulties so we immediately rushed her to the vet to get help.

Sadly, her condition is already very serious. After an exhaustive checkup, vet confirmed that mammary tumors are back and that they are quickly spreading to the lungs. Ulcerations in her abdomen are the result of excessive licking. Although her condition is at an advanced stage something had to be done to ease her pain, at least temporarily, so she was injected antibiotics & cortisone to help her breathe better and release some stress.

On Wednesday afternoon, she’ll be back to the vet for a second checkup & another cortisone shot. We`ll be providing her with as much comfort as possible for whatever  time she has left and as long as she’s willing to keep up the fight. We also offered words of comfort & support to her family during this difficult time knowing difficult decisions are to be made shortly.