Jasmine lost her battle with Lymphoma

Last UPDATE Feb. 18, 2017
It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of our precious FeLV+ rescue Jasmine. She lost her battle with Lymphoma and crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday at 4 pm, after spending the afternoon with us by her side. We were holding her and making her feel our love as she took her last breath. Rest in peace sweet baby, you’ll live forever in our hearts.

Feb. 17, 2017
After an exhaustive examination and ultrasound of the lower abdomen, Jasmine was hospitalized and had to spend the night in the ICU. All kinds of lab tests were performed, a feeding tube and IV with fluids were needed to keep her stable until results came back from the lab. Hours later, Jasmine was diagnosed with ‘Multicentric lymphoma’ which is known to affect FeLV+ young cats. The cancer is potentially compromising her liver and spleen, and it is also causing severe renal failure.

Her weight is now 3.2 Kg. and over the night her body temperature has dropped to 37º. There’s nothing else that can be done and it is time to end her suffering; Paul and I are going back to the clinic as soon as possible to be with our baby until the very last minute of her precious life. Needless to say how absolutly devastated we feel having to go through this again, just a few months after losing Minnie.

Having lost these two precious babies within 6 months has been dramatic and it set us thinking how fragile the life of these FeLV+ furbabies are but in spite of all the sacrificies and the pain it causes when they have to leave us so soon, there are no regrets. Rescuing them, caring for them, loving them and giving them the chance to know the warmth of a loving home is our blessing.

Today, we can only rejoice in the fact that this little FeLV+ kitten we found dying on the streets 3 years ago, has had a splendorous life here with us in the Sanctuary and that she knew LOVE.