Jasmine fighting to bounce back

Jasmine is already taking her medication for hyperthyroidism. Our deepest gratitude to all of you who made a donation to help us afford the high costs of her special treatment and vet care.
Regardless of her FeLV+ condition, her little frail body is fighting to bounce back. She’s taking two pills of Felimazole a day. Blood chemistry profile has to be performed every 2 weeks to adjust the daily dosage if necessary.

Due to her extreme weakness and thyroid condition, Jasmine is at high risk of heart failure if exposed to any stress at all. Being isolated in a room just for her, has helped a lot. She’s resting lots, not so nervous anymore and looks less desoriented.
She’s still not eating on her own, so we are syringe-feeding her Nutribound, a special oral solution rich in essential nutrients, Omega 3 and vitamins to keep her stable. Hopefully, we should be able to see some progress within the first week of treatment.
Her enlarged thyroid gland must be surgically removed once she gain some weight and is strong enough to undergo surgery.
Godspeed Jasmine!


Felimazole is the only option Jasmine has right now to stay alive until she’s strong enough to have surgery and have her thyroid gland removed. However, it is a very strong drug with lots of side effects that range from mild ones such as vomiting and lethargy to more severe ones such as anorexia and renal failure, and especially risky for FeLV+ cats. Hematology, biochemistry, and TT4 must be monitored after 3 weeks and 6 weeks of treatment. Jasmine is getting lots of TLC and despite her weakness, she takes the time to knead for a little while to show her gratitude. Isn’t she the sweetest? Watch video>

Your contribution to our vet care fundraiser page at > https://goo.gl/iUeOOB can help us afford Jasmine’s lab tests, follow up visits and the surgery she will be needing shortly. Please GIVE!