Jasmine's ecography

Jasmine, still on the mend

Jasmine’s UPDATE. Stitches were removed and apparently the corneal ulceration has sealed however it will be confirmed on our next follow up visit. The eye needs a few more weeks of treatment with eye drops, antibiotics and corticoids to heal completely.
On the weekend before vet’s appointment, we found a big lump on Jasmine’s throat. We had her examined on Monday right away. Many tests had to be carried out in order to determine the cause: ecography, blood test and fine-needle aspiration biopsy were needed.

Good news and not such good news. Ecography showed no tumors however Jasmine’s thyroid gland was unusually swollen. Blood test results show that the gland is performing normally so the cause of the problem is unknown. A fine-needle aspiration biopsy for sampling thyroid cells was performed to do some microscopic research. We want to hang on the good news that a tumor was not found but the mystery of what’s causing her swollen thyroid gland still remains.

Possible results range from a simple infection to Lymphoma Vet said the latter is rare in healthy young cats however in this case it cannot be ruled out due to the fact that Jasmine is FeLV+. We’re still waiting on the fine-needle aspiration biopsy results.

We’ll keep you all posted.
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