Jasmine, emergency eye surgery

Jasmine has been hospitalized after she was found this morning with a clouded eye and a blood filled mass due to a corneal ulcer in her right eye. Jasmine will have to be sedated and undergo a short surgery; wound will be healed by temporarily stitching the third eyelid across the eye. This will act like a ‘natural patch’ for the next 10 days to protect the eye from getting an infection through the open wound.

Vet believes the ulcer could have been caused by a fight in which she got scratched and wounded. Jasmine and Bella never got along too well but eventually they learned to tolerate each other. However, both Jasmine and Bella were deeply affected by Minnie’s passing and lately Bella has been showing an aggressive behavior towards her roommates which may have resulted in this very unfortunate event. Please keep Jasmine in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Donations to help us in her care welcome at > http://goo.gl/ic2HYN

UPDATE Aug. 26, 2016

Jasmine has suffered what is called “Descemet’s membrane detachment” The eye has many layers, the Descemet’s membrane is the last one and it was starting to come through Jasmine’s corneal ulcer. Her third eyelid has been temporarily stitched across the eye in order to protect it from infection and so that the ulceration can close by itself helped by antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops that are to be applied every 4 hours for the next 10 days. Jasmine is FeLV+ and, although asymptomatic, our greatest concern is that such a stressful recovery process could eventually depress her already frail immune system. She needs to be closely monitored. Vet follow-up visit is next Thursday.