Jasmine’s thyroid problems have worsened

Jasmine’s setback

Jasmine’s thyroid problems have worsened and her general condition has deteriorated unexpectedly in just a matter of weeks. She’s lost a lot of weight; she’s gone from 4.7 kg to 4.1kg in only 8 weeks and lost her appetite. We must syringe feed her baby food to keep her nourished. She started drinking a lot more water than usual and acting desoriented, contsantly going from the litter box to the water bowl. She’s not grooming herself and her coat looks straggly. With her being FeLV + all of these symptoms are a big worry.

We booked her in for an emergency appointment at the vet’s and after running a few tests it was rather clear her thyroid problem is now the biggest concern. T4 test values went from 3.3 to 3.8. That means she’s becoming a hyperthyroid cat which is in fact the main cause of her drastic weight loss. The lump in her thyroid is not getting any smaller either.

We have a new vet appointment tomorrow to determine the best course of treatment in her case. According to the vet, the first option will be having the lump on her thyroid quirurgically removed however due to her overall condition and weakness she cannot undergo surgery at this point so it will have to be treated with special medication for hyperthyroidism at first and see her progress.

Last but not least, she was also diagnosed with cystitis. She’s on treatment for 6 days for bladder inflammation with antibiotics/antinflamatory.

It’s been a stressful couple of weeks here at the Sanctuary as we are taking extra good care of Jasmine, monitoring her 24/7 and giving her lots of TLC.

We urgently need help towards Jasmine’s vet costs. To make a kind donation, please visit our vet care fundraiser page at > https://goo.gl/iUeOOB