Oliver finds his way home

Oliver finds his way home!

Meet Oliver our latest rescue. This gorgeous baby was abandoned and desperately longing for someone to come to his rescue. We found him struggling out there on his own hidden under a  small truck nearby one of Paul’s feral colonies, same area Salem was rescued at. It seems like someone actually dropped him off there knowing there was a feeding station and a caregiver. We never saw him roaming before and he just showed up there out of the blue!

Although he was desperate he would not trust us to approach him right away but at least we could feed him for a few days and make sure he was ok. Little by little and with lots of patience  Paul managed to gain his trust in just a few days. 2 days ago we tried to get him into the carrier ( a medium size one) but he was reluctant and wouldn’t go in on his own. We manage to borrow a bigger carrier so that we could just grab him quickly and throw him in. It worked!

Oliver is an unaltered young male, skinny for his size and quite dehydrated. It looks like he has not groomed himself in weeks nevertheless he looks gorgeous and he’s got a pair of tantalizing blue eyes that could melt your heart in a sec. He’s calmed, docile and sweet.

Oliver is now in our laundry room with everything he needs to start recovering from the nightmare he’s been through, he’s been sleeping like a log since we brought him in. Welcome to your new life sweet Oliver. (Scroll down for video)

  • Cat Room 2

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UPDATE August 19th

Last week, Oliver had his first vet check up and since he looked very healthy he was neutered right away. He had a speedy recovery. More good news! Oliver tested FeLV/FIV NEGATIVE so he will be soon joining Salem, Angel and Gigi in Cat Room 2 . It’s advisable to wait at least a month before introducing him to the other male residents. His levels of testosterone will lower in a few weeks and major territorial aggression can be avoided. He’s been dewormed & applied flea treatment. For now, he looks rather happy to be on his own and he’s having a relaxed summer in our laundry room. Welcome to a new life in our cat shelter Oliver