Rocco fading away

Rocco is slowly fading away and it’s heartbreaking. We want to, at least, turn this painful experience into a good lesson to learn, for all of us. Rocco could never overcome the emotional wounds of abandonment. During almost 4 years at the sanctuary, he’s been struggling to feel home again but he felt still “homeless” at heart.

In our experience, most victims of abandonment soon succumb to their fate and, for one reason or another, they either get very sick or hardly live long after being rescued.

People should understand ABANDONMENT IS A DEATH SENTENCE. Although there are people like us in shelters and sanctuaries ready to take on the responsibility of cruel and irresponsible people who leave their pets behind, the fate of an abandoned animal can hardly be changed. Every one of us should raise awareness against animal cruelty, each and every day, in every possible way.