Hanging on to hope

Rocco has not eaten anything by himself since last Thursday, he just drinks water and pees a lot. Feeding times are getting more and more stressful for him. This morning, we gave him his meds and could barely manage to force-feed him 50ml of liquid food. His pupils looked largely dilated and he hid behind the sofabed all morning so we decided it was time to stop his suffering and let him go. With a heavy heart, we walked into his room to place him in the carrier…..

Suddenly, he stood up and slowly walked towards the door to greet us; he started rubbing himself onto our legs and purring so hard as if he were trying to say “I’m not ready to go yet, please give me some more time.”

We broke down in tears 😪😿 He’s still not eating though 🙁 he looks very weak and rather disoriented most of the time, but we’ll just wait a day or two and see what happens before making a decision. We’re still hanging on to hope <3