Sofia gets to stay!

Sofia is a stray cat recently rescued by a family in our local community. They love Sofia so much, they really wanted to make her part of the family but not long after her rescue Sofia went into heat and started acting strange. Things got a bit complicated and they didn’t know what to do with her. Sofia’s family live on a very limited budget and they couldn’t afford to have her spayed.

Paul offered to help with Sofia’s vet care so that she could get to stay home with them. Last week, Paul took Sofia to the vet himself, had her spayed and took her back home with her post-op meds and everything else needed at no charge for her family.

Although we did not rescue Sofia ourselves, we took care of her in a different way and we’re really proud of it. By taking care of her spay surgery, Sofia has been granted the opportunity of living happily ever after in a warm loving home. The street nightmare is over for Sofia now.

Oftentimes people do want to take in and keep a stray cat or kitten but they cannot afford their sterilization and the lack of proper vet care bring on some behavioral issues that more often than not find the cat going back to the streets. So it’s very important to keep an eye on cases like this and offer as much help and support as we can to make sure none of these angels is ever going back to a cycle of suffering again.