Bono & Hope under a car

We didn’t lose hope! (now Rocco)

As you all know, Bono is a stray we are feeding outside on a daily basis. We look out for him day in and day out in the hope that we’ll be able to rescue him soon. He needs immediate vet care ‘cos he’s in very bad shape but it is hard for him to trust humans.

Last Saturday, it was raining so much we were worried about Bono. We went out look for him everywhere but could not find him. Instead, at Bono’s feeding station, we found a cat totally new to us. Looked like she was either lost or abandoned not long ago. She was on the other side of the fence and although she wanted help she would not come out. We went home to get the carrier but as it was starting to rain heavily again when we came back for her she was gone.

We looked for her all over the place for 2 days but we couldn’t find her anywhere. We thought we had lost her and we worried something terrible had happened to her. We had actually lost hope we would ever see her again.

This afternoon, as we went to refill Bono’s feeding station we found her hiding under a car, right next to Bono who by the way was not too happy about it.

She came out from under the car crying for help and this time we were not about to lose her again. She was delighted! She immediately knew she was in good hands, getting a cat into ta carrier had never been easier! We’re calling her Hope**.

*** It turns out our rescue Hope is NOT a female cat but a neutered male cat. His name has been changed to Rocco. Read full update below. ***

Rocco will be sleeping safe and sound in our emergency room. Scroll down for photo slider.

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January 2016 – Nothing went as expected!

Last Wednesday 01/13/2016, Hope was scheduled to be spayed at noon. When we arrived at the vet clinic, they said there had been an emergency and that the vets were busy in the OR with a trauma surgery that might take a few hours. They told us to leave Hope overnight and that they would have her spayed first thing in the morning. The vet said she’d call us as soon as it was done and Hope was ready to go home. Although every surgery involves some risks, Hope was a very healthy cat so we had not much to worry about really. However, that night we had a gut feeling that something, somehow, was not right.

The following morning, we got a phone call from the vets saying the surgery had been “partially performed” and that they had some news to tell us. Vet said: “when we opened “her” we could not find anything so we thought ‘she’ had already been fixed but it turns out Hope is actually NOT a female cat but a neutered male cat.“ They closed HIM right away but the ‘damage’ had been done! because they only realized what was going on after the incision had already been made.

Hope (Rocco) had a first check up 2 months ago. Since ‘she’ had a lot of fur and no testicles the vet “assumed” it was a female cat and did not perform an exhaustive exploration of the genital area which led to a total confusion regarding the gender. On top of it, all the behavioral issues Hope had made us believe we were dealing with a female cat “in heat”.

After undergoing a totally unnecessary surgery process, poor Hope … well actually… poor Rocco (that’s his new name!) has been in a separate room getting a lot of rest and he’s eating well. He will be on antibiotics & anti-inflamatory for a few more days, as part of his post-op treatment.

Speedy recovery Rocco!