Our feral cats & feeding stations

These are just some of the feeding station we have carefully arranged for feral cats around our area. Feeding stations have to be well hidden so our hard work is not sabotaged by the ultimate predator on earth: “humans”. People who could not care less about animal welfare seem to find joy in throwing away food and water containers, and we have learned it the hard way!

We then decided to wisely camouflage some feeding stations under bushes and plants and most of them are completely “undercover”; so much, we cannot even take pictures of the feeding stations nor the cats that benefit from them.

Feral cats are hardly seen during the day, all we find are some empty containers the morning after. Once in a blue moon, they give him the privilege to see them eating and take pictures. We seized the moment and took some great shots!

Most cats we feed on a daily basis are ferals but some are homeless cats waiting for a second chance at life. We keep feeding them outside and looking out for them, nevertheless our ultimate goal is to be able to rescue them someday and offer them a better life in our Sanctuary.

When you support our cat rescue & Sanctuary, you are also helping us give these cats greater chances of surviving the hardships of living on the streets.

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