Bono diagnosed with CKD

Bono, diagnosed with CKD

Yesterday, we were sent by email Bono’s urine culture lab test results. No bacteria was found in his urine which means there’s no urinary infection and sadly that has led to the diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease. CKD is the result of a gradual decrease in kidney function which is a rather common condition in aging cats. An early diagnosis and intervention can help significantly slow down its progression. Although treatable, the damage is in the long run irreversible.

Bono’s kidney disease has been diagnosed upon testing his blood levels of creatinine. However, the diagnosis is not 100% accurate if only a blood chemistry is run.
Further tests that measure UPC and SDMA values (which are specific to determine kidney malfunctioning) needs to be run to determine CKD stage. An ultrasound of the lower abdomen is also needed.

His ‘otitis externa’ is currently being treated with Osurnia otic ear gel and will be needing a booster dose to be effective.
Urine lab culture, ultrasound, and 2 otic pipettes costs were estimated in $180 however extra charges around $60 will apply for the additional tests needed.

Bono’s follow-up visit is this Friday, June 30th.

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