Bono, first FIV+ rescue in the Sanctuary

Bono, first FIV+ rescue in the Sanctuary

Bono finally had an exhaustive vet check-up that has given us more info on his challenging past and current health. Abandoned and abused, Bono is a senior cat, about 8 years old or more. X-Rays revealed an old bone fracture that failed to heal properly causing a malformation in his left elbow. Sadly, he also tested FIV+ (feline AIDS). He has a severe infection in his ears (otitis) and kidney infection (pyelonephritis) too. Additional tests are being run to rule out Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) at this point.

He recently started showing symptoms such as foul-smelling urine, increased thirst, and frequent urination. The blockage of an infected kidney can lead to more serious complications. Due to his FIV+ condition, he has to be treated with special care.

The bone fracture in his right front leg healed itself at an irregular angle in the joint, causing a malformation in the elbow that causes him pain.

A complete physical exam was performed, including X-rays, a blood chemical profile, a complete blood count, a urinalysis and an electrolyte panel. An ultrasound of the lower abdomen is to be performed during his follow-up visit next Friday, June 30th.

Although he is no longer an aggressive cat under normal circumstances, he is a very fearful cat and so he had to be sedated to be examined, therefore his vision could not be checked at this time.

In summary, Bono is a senior cat that was abandoned and lived on the streets for quite a while longer than we thought he had. Despite being a victim of abuse, his vision loss, broken bones and FIV+ condition, he miraculously managed to survive.

Currently, his biological age could be around 8 years old however due to a quite deteriorated health and long-term physical damages, he has to be regarded as a 12-year-old and requires geriatric care.

Additionally to lab tests and X-rays performed, he has been neutered, he’s on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory. His otitis is being treated with Osurnia otic ear gel (pipettes).
We have already spent around $350 in his special vet care costs, plus another $180 are to be paid off by the end of June, on his follow-up visit.
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