Charity Raffle Winners

Christmas Charity Raffle 2015

Congrats! Isabel Maas from Holland

The winner will get a 10.1-inch tablet Ingo Devices, Android 4.2, Dual Core processor,  1GB RAM and 4GB of Flash memory. Front camera 0.3 mpx  & Back Camera 3 mpx. Connections Micro USB + USB + HDMI.  Miscellaneous Android utility apps. Download and store music, videos, e-books and more!

Isabel Maas got her prize delivered on Christmas Eve!

Isabel's son Thomas

 Featured in the picture above is Isabel’s son Thomas posing with his Christmas present 🙂


 Our charity raffles aim to raise funds to support our cat rescue operation. Funds will go towards food, litter, preventive vet care and other cat shelter expenses as well as food for feral cat colonies.

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