Gipsy needs your help!

Gipsy, abused and neglected, finally safe in the Sanctuary!

Gipsy lived on the streets and was exposed to many kinds of abuse since he was a very young kitten. Sometimes, he’d get his food from our rescue Bono’s feeding station.

When Bono was rescued, we kept feeding Gipsy outside but often times heartless people would knock over his food and water containers and shooed him away.

We wanted to bring him in but he’d roam a lot and then one day we just lost track of him.

After being gone for a few weeks, on Sunday afternoon he suddenly, and totally unexpectedly, showed up at our Sanctuary doorsteps again desperately crying for help.

He was in terrible shape: Extremely thin, full of fleas, sore skin, fungal infection, bald spots along the spine and other parts of his body; he also has severe problems in both hind legs that make him walk with difficulty.

He looked terrorized and abused, either kicked or beaten, he kept walking low with his tail between the legs. We brought him in, fed him and reassured him that he was finally “home”.

Stay strong Gipsy! You’re safe now and your life is about to change.

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