Minnie keeps fighting for her life.

Minnie keeps fighting for her life. She was born FeLV+ but since she arrived at the Sanctuary she remained asymptomatic for quite a while. Sadly, the anemia that accompanies the leukemia has unexpectedly worsened. Cats typically have a hematocrit in the 29 to 48 range, Minnie’s hematocrit has dropped to 9 which is extremely low. She has too few red blood cells and her little body has to fight real hard to get oxygen to her brain to keep her vital organs functioning in order to stay alive. She began to show a noticeable loss of appetite and extreme lethargy on Sunday morning and her overall condition got really worse within hours. This morning she stopped eating and she started breathing with difficulty. X-rays were performed to rule out tumors in her lungs, typically associated with an advance stage of leukemia. Her lungs are clean, she does not have kidney or liver failure at the moment which is giving us a little hope. Vet wants to treat her with Interferon which is a drug that stimulates the immune system. It’ll be a one-month trial period at the end of which a blood cell count will tell us whether she’s responding well to treatment or not.

We want to thank everyone who’s been sending Minnie their love and good vibes since they heard the news. If you want to help Minnie during this extremely difficult time we’re going through, please consider making a donation to support our Sanctuary. To make your kind donation please click HERE