Jasmine's Rescue Story

Jasmine (Pitu)

Jasmine – Rescued in March 2014 at approx.4 months old. Abandoned as a kitten in a feral cat colony. Became semi-feral. FeLV+ Rescued in very bad shape. Severe conjuntivitis. Symptoms of Feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR).

LAST UPDATE  February 18th, 2017. Jasmine lost her battle with lymphoma. 

She was rescued on March 30th 2014. Jasmine is about 4 months old, and she’s from one of the feral colonies Paul feeds every night. Since she was a tiny baby, Jasmine has always been one of the most audacious little kittens of that colony” She’d always be in pole position to be fed, however, Paul noticed something was wrong with her lately. Jasmine looked thinner and unusually quiet. Paul started monitoring her closely. 24 hours later, her eyes appeared swollen and almost completely shut. She needed help immediately.

Paul started to find ways to trap her. Although Jasmine is a very sociable kitten, she’s still a feral”¦so it was no picnic to get a hold of her. Paul tried several times to catch her, day in and day out, but she’d run and hide. After 2 days in a row, Jasmine was finally rescued. She needed inmediate vet care for her severe conjunctivitis. She has been dewormed & tested. Sadly she’s FeLV+ so she could not be vaccinated. Sterilization still pending.


48 hours later

Rescue update – it’s been a long day & we can finally tell you all about it! – Well, first of all, it turns out our little rescue is a SHE …NOT a he! So we had to re-name her. We have decided to call her Jasmine for she’s as fragile and beautiful as a little flower. On the other hand, we have good news and bad news Jasmine has been diagnosed with Feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR) best known as Feline influenza which is causing her conjunctivitis. Good news is that her FVR is at a stage that’s still very much treatable. She is now on a 10-day-course of antibiotics. Jasmine is FIV negative but sadly she is FeLV+, however, she could still lead a normal life is she fully recovers from FVR. Although she’s so tiny, underweight and weak, vets are confident that with lots of rest within a safe environment, fed with wet food enriched with vitamins, and of course lots and lots of TLC, she will be able to make it. As of tonight, Jasmine will be sleeping sound & safe in her foster home…

Her conjunctivitis is not gone yet but she’s slowly getting better. She’s a bit more active this morning & has even asked for kisses and cuddles. As you can see, Jasmine shows abnormal growth and development. Although she’s about 7 or 8 months old, her size is similar to a normal 4 or 5-month-old kitten… It is absolutely vital for her to gain weight now to feel stronger… She’s getting there! She’s been eating well & visited her litterbox quite a few times already!

1 week later

Jasmine is fighting her conjunctivitis with all she’s got! We’ve been applying eyedrops every 6 hours, and cleaning her eyes with chamomile tea as often as we can but she doesn’t look much better yet. She keeps her eyes closed most of the time due to photophobia. We placed her in a room with dark window shades so that her eyes can rest better during daylight. At night we keep a led night lamp on ( for kids’ rooms) so she’s not completely in the dark. We also apply cold chamomile compresses to help her swollen red little eyes. If she does not respond better to treatment within the next 48hours we’ll take her back to the vet’s for a new checkup. Good news is, she’s eating well and gaining a little weight.

Jasmine is responding well to new treatment, and we are so very happy We can finally see her beautiful blue eyes. Her eyes are still extremely sensitive to light however they are noticeably less swollen, inner eyelids are starting to retract. Still a long way ahead but we can confidently say we are on the right track!

2 weeks later

This week, Jasmine had to be taken for new checkups. Although she seemed to be improving rather well, last Sunday she suffered a setback in her recovery from severe conjunctivitis. Her left eye started to look red and swollen again and skin was peeling off around it. Her right eye did not seem to be getting worse but it never went back to completely normal either. Monday morning we rushed her to the vet, and her medication was changed. 48 hours later she was slightly better but still not enough so we took her for a third checkup this morning. She was given an antibiotic booster shot and she must continue with her new treatment (eye drops) for the next 4 days, see how she develops … We’ll keep you posted.

3 weeks later

After 3 weeks of ups and downs, Jasmine finally seems to be on her way to full recovery. Hopefully this time’s for good She’s been on antibiotics & medicated eyedrops for 20 days now. She’s been eating well, and even managed to gain some weight (she now weighs 1.8 kg. about 3.9 lb.) She’s stronger and her immune system is working better these days, so she’s expected to make a full recovery on her own. Vet suggested she should gain at least 1 more kg before we can have her sterilized. Fingers crossed!

4 weeks later

Our little rescue Jasmine (7months) is healthier and more beautiful everyday She’s learning to socialize very well too! We hope to be able to have her sterilized in a few weeks time.

10 weeks later

There were a few setbacks after sterilization. Jasmine suffered an allergic reaction to antibiotics but she made a full recovery within weeks and she’s now is doing totally fine.

Latest UPDATE.

Our beautiful Jasmine found in our cat shelter a stress-free environment that allowed her to grow healthier and stronger in spite of being FeLV+. Jasmine now leads a normal and happy life.