Lil’ Blackberry

Lil’ Blackberry – Rescued in August 2014 at 8 weeks old. Semi-feral. Severely injured. 4 toes of her right paw had to be amputated.

Lil’ Blackberry was rescued shortly before midnight on August 17 (Black Cat Appreciation Day!) Found with right front paw severely wounded, full thickness tissue loss with exposed bone, she could barely move. We rushed her to the vet first thing in the morning.
Paw was burnt and torn, most likely as the result of being run over by a vehicle. Presumably, once injured, she managed to run away getting her little paw stuck in a fence causing even more damage to the wound. By running away (from the vehicle), she certainly did save her life but nothing could be done to save her little toes!
Last Monday, Blackberry had surgery, suffering the amputation of 4 toes of the right front paw, leaving the paw with just one toe and only part of the center pad. Bones had to be scraped, nerves cauterized, burnt and damaged tissue had to be removed. Blackberry is now being treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory.
She now limps on 3 legs but maybe one day she’ll be able to walk on all 4 legs again.

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Blackberry made a full recovery and has been already spayed. She does limp from time to time, but nothing can stop her from running like the wind! She’s a very playful cat that enjoys running and jumping, just like any other young cat. She’s very sociable and friendly with all her kitty friends. She enjoys every second of her new life in our cat shelter.