RIP Nikki. She was about 18 months old. Tongue cancer advanced stage. Couldn’t eat. Could hardly breathe. We had to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge 3 days after being rescued.

Nikki was rescued on January 22 2014, she was bleeding through her nose and had trouble breathing. She’s from a feral colony that we feed regularly. A few days ago she stopped eating, she wanted to eat but she was clearly in tremendous pain and she could not swallow.

We tried to trap her for 2 nights in a row, but she ran away and disappeared. We were really worried because we couldn’t find her anywhere but then 48 hours later, some noises coming from under a car were heard. When we looked further, there she was!! trying to keep warm and barely able to move. Nikki had come back for help!

We rushed her home right away. She was kept hydrated all night long through a syringe. Nikki was now in good hands!

Update Jan 22/2014

Nikki is such a good girl! She behaved so well at the vet clinic there was no need to give her any kind of sedation. She was diagnosed with FVR – feline viral rhinotracheitis- She has a severe infection that affects her nose, mouth and throat. A harsh sound caused by obstruction of the airway. Mucosal ulceration, thick nose discharges containing pus and blood which emanate an awful odor. Inflammation of the nasal passages and throat causes her great pain and so she’s eating on her own…

She was injected a long-acting antibiotic that lasts 6 to 10 days. Her mouth is expected to be a bit less swollen and she should regain her appetite within the next 24-48 hours. Then we should start feeding her some special food with soft consistency so that it can be easily swallowed and with extra nutrients that will help the recovery process (Critical care A/D) Nikki’s condition is stable at the moment and she will be spending the next few days in a foster home. We`ll have to take her back to the vet clinic for a new check up next Monday.

Update Jan 25/ 2014

It’s a very sad day for us all. Our little Nikki crossed the Rainbow Bridge earlier today. It’s been devastating, especially hard on her rescuer who fought for her until the very end. Despite all our efforts, Nikki never regained her appetite and had lost the will to live, she couldn´t walk anymore and she started bleeding heavily through her mouth. This afternoon we rushed her to the vet clinic again hoping there were something else we could do to save this little girl but sadly there wasn’t. After 48 hours, she did not show any improvement.

Antibiotics had only helped her gums and mouth be less swollen and so her mouth could be open wider this time, revealing a tumor in her lower jaw and a cancer on her tongue that had spread to her throat and most probably to her nasal passages as well. It was time to let Nikki go. We put her to sleep and she died peacefully in our arms.

The pain is over, run free baby girl, we`ll love you forever & miss you dearly.