Tommy, our Senior rescue (RIP 06/24/2015)


On Friday (04/24/2015) we had to rush our senior cat Tommy (13) to the vet when he started breathing with abdominal effort showing alarming signs of oxygen deficiency.

Tommy has suffered from chronic bronchitis  since very young but this time the breathing difficulties were totally out of the ordinary; Tommy was making deep in and out belly motions even at rest. He has been diagnosed with pneumonia. He was given an antibiotic & anti-inflamatory shot and he was on a 5 day antibiotic treatment. During the following 48 hours his condition seemed to be stable although he kept breathing with great difficulty.

On Monday 04/27, Tommy suffered a serious setback and he had to be hospitalized with fluid & oxigen therapy while further tests are carried out. For further info & updates on his health condition please visit his fundraiser page at:


On  June 24 2015, around 7pm,  our Senior rescue Tommy crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was 13 years old. Rest in Peace baby.

Rescue story

Tommy is our senior resident cat rescued in October 2001 at only 6 weeks old. His cat mom died right after giving birth to him (and rest of his litter). He and his siblings were rescued, fed and placed in a box up for “adoption” out in our neighbor’s garden. Our guinea pig Quincy had just died and my daughter was very sad, so she called me to work crying and said: “there’re some kittens in a box in the garden next door, can I pick one and bring it home please?” Not being much of a cat lover at the time I told her: “OK, you can take it home and keep it on just one condition; it will not be allowed into my room, not ever!” (silly me!!)
So, my daughter went over there to get the kitten, she said it was very hard to pick just ONE for they were all so beautiful… but Tommy jumped out of the box and  sat on her shoe! — He had actually picked HER! —
Later on that night I came home from work, and there he was, sleeping in my daughters hoodie front pocket… such a tiny furball, it stole my heart away! We took turns to bottle-feed him for 2 more weeks and as he grew a bit older he started roaming all around the house.
On a Sunday afternoon, while I was taking a nap, he came into my room, jumped onto my bed, started purring and fell asleep on my chest. Not only was Tommy allowed into my bedroom ever since but  we’ve also been sharing the bed for the last 13 years!


Although Tommy was attacked by our first rescue Felix while he was being fostered, Tommy got over it and has been helping us foster most of the other recues who have made it to our cat shelter.  Felix was extremely aggresive towards other felines and although we tried so hard to make it work, he could never get along with any of our residents. Felix was happily adopted by a wonderful family a few months after his rescue.