Tommy, our Senior rescue.

Rescue story

Tommy was rescued in October 2001 at only 6 weeks old. His cat mom died right after giving birth to him and his litter mates. He and his siblings were rescued, fed and placed in a box up for “adoption” out in our neighbor’s garden. We got him and for the first two weeks we took turns to bottle-feed him until he started eating on his own. He was the only cat in the household for ten years.

Tommy inspired us in many ways, he was an extremely charismatic feline and after years of experiencing the blessing of having a cat in our lives, we decided to adopt a second one. Despite their age gap, Tommy (10 years old)  and Vito (8 weeks old)  became best pals in no time.

Adopting Vito from the local animal shelter led us to learn more about animal homelessness and abandonment; that’s how our journey into cat rescue began.

In december 2012,  we brought Félix in, our first rescue! 

Felix was a sweetheart towards humans but extremely aggresive towards other felines and although we tried so hard to make it work, he could never get along with any of our resident cats.

Three months after his rescue, Felix was adopted out. He was happily adopted by a wonderful family who love him to bits.

Although Tommy was attacked by Felix while he was being fostered, he happily welcomed new rescues Kitty and Blackberry and helped us foster more recues until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2015.


On  June 24 2015, around 7pm,  our Senior rescue Tommy crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was 13 years old. Rest in Peace baby.