Minnie & Maya after spay surgery

Minnie & Maya spayed.

Both Minnie and Maya were spayed yesterday. Everything went well however due to their FeLV + condition, vets wanted to have them closely monitored so they spent their first post-op night at the clinic. There were minor complications with Minnie due to the fact that she was at the beginning of her estrous cycle. Maya was at the end of her cycle so it did not affect her much.

They were very happy to be back home after being away for 48 long hours. They will be in a separate room (away from Bella and Jasmine in Catroom 3) for the next few days. They will be on antibiotics & anti-inflamatory for the next 5 days. During their recovery process a special diet is requiered as well as some nutritional supplements to help their fragile immune system.

If you wish to help us with Minnie & Maya’s post-op expenses such as meds, nutricional wet food and supplements please CLICK HERE to make a kind donation at our ‘Vet Care Fundraiser’ 2016