Welcome home teeny-tiny Mimi!

Welcome teeny-tiny Mimi!

On Saturday April 16, we rescued Chloe, a cat we found crying for help on the rooftop of our Sanctuary. 24 hours later, we realized she was a nursing mama and that she had developed mastitis so we started searching for her litter all over the place.

Those babies were nowhere to be found. We couldn’t hear or see anything so after a couple of hours we just gave up all hope of finding them alive.

But we kept thinking… what if they were alive? How could they make it on their own without their nursing mother? It was a scary thought but there was nothing we could do to help them.

On Friday late afternoon, we were outside in the shelter’s courtyard when we started hearing some desperate ‘little meows’… they were very loud and clear! No doubt there were small kittens crying for help out there somewhere but could they be Chloe’s?

We immediately went to our rooftop and searched all over again but nothing there! We went out and started walking toward the meowing… It was coming from a rooftop nearby (about 100mts away from us).

Finally, around 9 pm, we contacted the owners of the house and they allowed us to get access their rooftop… and there they were! 2 teeny-tiny skinny furbabies all dirty and covered in pigeon’s poop.

Finding both kittens alive after 6 days without their mother was quite a MIRACLE!

The family wanted to keep one of the babies and we brought in the other one, a little girl that looks just like her mama, we’ve named her Mimi.

We took Mimi to Chloe’s room right away to reunite them but she rejected her baby. Anyway, even if she hadn’t they could no longer be together, Chloe’s mastitis was highly risky for Mimi so we had to find her an adoptive mommy.

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Mimi’s was taken to Cat Room 1 where she got a warm bath to get rid of the fleas and pigeon poop. She’s getting lots of TLC from all of us at the Sanctuary and she even found herself a new mommy, Kitty, who is taking really good care of her new baby!

This lil’ girl has a voracious appetite for dry food, tuna … and human fingers too 🙂
Welcome home teeny-tiny Mimi <3